January 31, 2014


As Blogger-at-Large for Oceania Cruises, I have had the great fortune to sail on Regatta, Insignia and Nautica several times over the past few years. With only 684 guests on board, these ships feel as warm, welcoming and intimate as smaller vessels while also offering the conveniences and amenities of the larger ships. In other words, they are perfect. So it was hard for me to imagine how Oceania Cruises could improve on perfection.

But the folks at Oceania Cruises never stop striving to improve and innovate, and they will soon further enhance the already beloved Regatta, Insignia and Nautica by implementing the largest refurbishment program in the company’s history. The award-winning ships will undergo a $50 million transformation during the second quarter of 2014.

For those who, like me, feel the ships are perfect as they are, no need to worry. They will retain all the warmth, intimacy and charm that guests have come to cherish, but they will shine even brighter thanks to elegant new decor throughout the ships. And having received an overwhelmingly positive response to the innovations featured on board Marina and Riviera, Oceania Cruises will add many of those best-loved amenities and design elements to Regatta, Insignia and Nautica during the refits.

When the updates are complete, all guests will be welcomed with rich new decor in their suite or stateroom, imbuing their home away from home with a new sense of style, elegance and flair. Specific changes include new bathrooms with a lavish oversized shower and new onyx and granite vanities in the Owner's and Vista Suites. The Penthouse Suites will be transformed into virtual replicas of those on Marina and Riviera. All staterooms will feature luxurious new fabrics and furnishings.


Penthouse Suite

Veranda Stateroom

Inside Stateroom

One of my favorite haunts on board is Horizons, the perfect place for socializing, relaxing or simply taking in the stunning views, and this lounge will also undergo a transformation with a new color palate and new furnishings. The Main Lounges will be completely refurbished with new carpeting, chairs and elegant new fabrics and upholstery. Martinis and the Pool Deck will both receive new furnishings, and the Canyon Ranch Spa Club® will have new steam rooms and changing rooms decorated with dramatic new mosaics and intricate custom tile work.

The Terrace Café will feature all new decor as well as a new state-of-the-art grill similar to the one on Marina and Riviera, so guests can dine on made-to-order specialties like juicy steaks, succulent lobster tails and mouthwatering chops any night they wish. As a coffee drinker, I was especially thrilled to hear that Baristas will be added in the Grand Bar area. This coffee bar is a guest favorite on Marina and Riviera and will certainly be a welcome addition to the other ships. Here master baristas prepare complimentary illy® espressos, cappuccinos and lattes and also serve fresh pastries and finger sandwiches throughout the day.


The upper decks of the ships offer some of the greatest views of the sea, sky and coastlines, so what better place to enjoy an array of new deck games? Guests can take in the lovely vistas during a rousing game of shuffleboard or while playing a round of miniature golf on the 9-hole putting green, a feature unique to ships in this class.

Miniature golf

Fortunately we won’t have to wait long to experience these fabulous changes. Insignia will debut on May 8, 2014, in Barcelona for her 7-day Jewels of Europe cruise, and we’ll be especially excited not only to see her splendid new refurbishments but also to welcome her back to the fleet after her two-year charter. Nautica will be unveiled on May 16, 2014, in Civitavecchia for the 10-day Cliffs & Coves cruise, and Regatta will debut on June 7, 2014, in Vancouver for the 10-day Majesty of Alaska cruise. We hope to welcome you on board these refreshed, rejuvenated and resplendent ships very soon!


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Please tell me that the bathrooms in the R-ship-penthouse cabins will actually be identical to those of the )-ship-penthouses: is have a shower separate from a bathtub. Don't even need a tub! PLEASE! Even if only on starboard or port side.

Alas, the showers are the fundamental flaw with the R-ships.

Showers so small, so inadequate, so incomprehensibly tiny that taking a shower is a pain rather than a welcome refreshing moment.

Oceania doesn't seem interested in fixing this problem. Why?

Come on Del Rio…why don't you fix the bathrooms with adequate showers?

Having sailed on both the Regatta and the Marina, I would rather have the space allocated to the stateroom, rather than the bathroom. The staterooms are quite small, and too much square footage is wasted in the bath. How much space does one need to shower?

I will be sailing on the Insignia in early September and was on the Marina last August in the Baltic. Regatta we sailed several years ago.

Thank you all for your comments! Hope you'll come back to the Oceania Cruises blog in early May when we reveal more details on the renovations. We think you'll love the refreshed look of the ships; however, the structure of the bathrooms in staterooms and Penthouse suites is not scheduled to be changed.

We've cruised on both the Marina and the Regatta. On the Marina a balcony-sumptuous and spacious. The Regatta was a deluxe ocean view, we had seen our room several months prior at an event in Vancouver, via Cruise-Connections. We new it was small and not as well appointed. Constant companion is prone to sea sickness, this room was very stable. I am large, the shower was smaller on the Regatta, but doable for me. The cruise was from LA to Miami, 16 days. Too many sea days for us. Missed the amenities that were on the 10 day Marina cruise. The up date promises to remedy three: Baristos, a renovated Terrace restaurant and the much needed smoke room in Horizons. We agreed that we preferred the larger ships. This may change with the renos.

We've sailed all the mid-sized and recently on the Riviera. We plead for a laundry facility on every floor. That is so much better..less congestion, less arguments over the equipment, more availability of the facilities, etc. Will the ships still have the rooms on the 7th deck with the big, round port-hole type windows toward the front? Will you retain the sitting areas on deck 5 where one can enjoy a lounge chair and watch the water go by? That, to us, is the true experience of a cruise. We don't like balconies...too narrow for a lounge chair, too high above the water to see much of anything in the water, etc. And keep your spacious libraries just the way they are. The Riviera has only a book hallway...very inconvenient and not a library by any stretch of the imagination!! We found the Horizon new chairs uncomfortable with no foot rests available.

Phil, we do hope you enjoy the renovations, and if you find yourself back on board, please let us know what you think.

Nyckle, the windows on deck 7, the sitting areas on deck 5, and the libraries remain unchanged. We hope to see you back on board the ships enjoying all of these features very soon!

Looking forward to updates on the refit. I've seen things on USA Today, but nothing from Oceania. I believe Insignia has already sailed. We have an owners suite booked for an upcoming cruise and would love to see the enhancements.

It's odd that we should see it from the media before Oceania. The blog originally says to check back mid May for an update. .?.?????

Here is the link to the blog that was posted when Insignia debuted on May 8, including some photos of the enhancements. There are some more details about Nautica's unveiling in the post following the one on Insignia, and we'll share some more photos when Regatta emerges from dry dock on June 7 as well.


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