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October 27, 2015

Soothing Winter Spa Treatments

With the leaves rapidly falling and temperatures already dipping, daydreams of sunshine and warm weather begin to tempt us all.  A winter cruise vacation invites you to escape the freezing temperatures and harsh weather – and our luxurious Canyon Ranch SpaClub® on board helps you take your vacation from winter to summer.

Enjoy the extensive menu, which offers an array of indulgent treatments that help to reduce the effects of cold winter weather – brightening your skin, boosting your immune system and more. Treat yourself this holiday season!

Naturally Nourishing Ritual


This Naturally Nourishing Ritual creates radiance in dull winter skin, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It reduces toxins that build up from being less active during cold, winter months. It also heals dry and damaged winter skin, improves your lymph flow, boosts your mood and relieves muscle tension and joint pain.

Ocean Scrub

Ocean scrub

Body scrubs are a great way to stimulate your body’s circulation. This renewing Ocean Scrub repairs, firms, softens, soothes and protects winter skin. It also boosts your immune system and promotes respiratory health to keep those winter colds at bay.

Detoxifying Ritual


What better way to begin your vacation than with a Detoxifying Ritual that detoxifies your entire body and reduces cellulite and varicose veins developed during cold winter months? This treatment also brightens your complexion and heals dry and damaged winter skin while toning and firming it. Plus, it boosts your immune system and your mood.

To make an appointment, simply call Canyon Ranch at 877-329-1924 up to 60 days prior to sailing. Book a treatment now for the ultimate restorative winter vacation! 

August 24, 2015

At Sea & Staying in Shape

At Sea & Staying in ShapeDuring a recent voyage aboard Insignia, New York native Marissa M. found plenty of ways to take advantage of the days at sea and stay active. She shares her experience and a few of her favorite fitness classes below.

For many of us, taking a vacation also means taking time off from your workout routine–but it doesn’t have to! Starting your workout routine again after a week or two off can feel like starting from scratch, so on my recent voyage, the first thing I looked for were ways to stay active.

Once I unpacked, I went straight to the fitness center in the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, where I found that a half hour on the elliptical or treadmill with serene ocean views made my workout go by in a breeze!

At Sea & Staying in ShapeThe class schedule for my cruise had so many classes to choose from that I realized I wasn’t going to have any trouble finding ways to help me stay on track. There are classes for everyone! They have everything from low-intensity workouts like yoga, all the way to high-intensity aerobic classes.

I loved the Stretch and Relax class, which focused on yoga-like and sports stretches, while using breathing techniques to assist and increase flexibility, plus improve the overall mind-body connection. This was a wonderful way to start a day.

I also took the Cardio Groove class, which definitely got my heart beating and my body moving. It’s a medium-paced aerobics class, which mixes new music and classic oldies that will make you dance the class away. Lots of laughs during this one!

To indulge my adventurous side one morning, I took the Cardio Combat class which is a high-energy class that mixes aerobic steps with hand combinations taken from boxing and martial arts training. Plus it’s mixed with upbeat music for a fun, stress-relieving class that actually left me wanting to go one more round.

At Sea & Staying in ShapeOne other great class that helps you stay ahead of the group while on shore excursions is the Muscle Max class. This class uses your body weight, resistance bands and hand weights to tone and strengthen the muscles important for everyday activities, increase overall strength and protect the joints.

I really enjoyed mixing my own workout routine with the 30 minute fitness classes. I especially enjoyed the yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes; they were worth every penny.

It’s great being able to work out while visiting so many interesting places and best of all I didn’t feel guilty about having dessert or that extra glass of wine after a delicious dinner.

October 15, 2014

Spa Experience: Guest Shares How to Ease Jet Lag

Canyon Ranch SpaClubI’m so passionate about traveling but with long trips jet lag can be really frustrating. The destination is always worth it, but when you arrive you really just want to press a reset button and feel normal again. When I sail with Oceania Cruises, jet lag solutions are simple. On my last cruise in August from Venice to Rome, I knew I’d have a long flight from LA, so I pre-booked a special treatment at the onboard spa. The Canyon Ranch Spa has several types of treatments that actually help your body recover more quickly from jet lag – I chose the Revitalizing Ritual – it’s designed to reactivate sluggish circulation, boost energy, reduce swelling and encourage muscle relaxation.

Canyon Ranch Spa TerraceThe spa is completely relaxing and the service is incredible. Everyone I encountered was knowledgeable and friendly, and I started unwinding the moment I checked in with the front desk. The Revitalizing Ritual lasted about 80 minutes…and was worth every second. My massage started with smelling beautiful flower oils that helped my mind relax, erasing the frustrations of my long flight. Then I could actually feel the circulation in my legs being restored when my massage therapist applied sea algae and a warming gingergrass scrub. Next, she polished my skin and hydrated it with fragrant rose water. Then she began an energizing and therapeutic shiatsu massage with a special lime silk oil that completely loosened the knots in my neck and shoulders from the flight. By the end of the ritual I felt so relaxed I could feel myself melting into the massage table as she smoothed a plum cream on my skin.

After my Canyon Ranch treatment, I joined everyone on the Sun deck as we sailed away from Venice, feeling amazingly relaxed and energized – and completely ready to enjoy the memorable days ahead.

-Guest sailing on Riviera; August 15, 2014

On your next voyage, book one of these top Canyon Ranch SpaClub® treatments so you can slip into relaxed vacation mode right from day one.

1. Detoxifying Ritual - 80 minutes
Retreat into a ritual of steam and deep detox through a therapeutic transformation in this six-step healing massage ritual. Enjoy a refreshing cleanse of Moroccan mint tea and silt, followed by an invigorating scrub with a blend of coffee, olive stones and fresh lemons. Relax as you are wrapped in rich rhassoul clay to draw deep impurities out of the body. Recharge with quince and orange blossoms, and increase circulation with a Turkish massage using the curative essences of cardamom, jasmine, bergamot, amber and clove. Finally, enjoy a soothing layer of shea butter and figs to protect, heal and restore.

2. Organic Mermaid’s Purse Wrap - 50 minutes
Immediately notice rejuvenated skin with this hydrating and detoxifying treatment for tired, dry or dull skin. By stimulating blood flow, this nourishing wrap encourages the body to renew itself at the cellular level for long-term results.

3. Organic Liquid Seaweed Wrap - 50 minutes
This refreshing and detoxifying wrap features organic muslin soaked in pure seaweed extracts, cold-pressed within one hour of harvesting on the wild Northwest Coast of Ireland. Seaweed offers many nutritive and healing benefits, including detoxification, metabolism boosting and a natural anti-aging boost. This wrap delivers an immediate and noticeable plumping and toning of the skin, making your skin look refreshed and supple.

4. Euphoric Coffee Scrub - 50 minutes
Wake up with this invigorating scrub. Exfoliate, tone and come alive with a vitalizing scrub that blends coffee, black olive, crushed almond, neroli, orange and lemon peel and fresh lemon juice. Enjoy a soothing finish with a light application of cardamom oil.

5. Tension-Zone Massage - 50 minutes
Stiff shoulders and neck from a long flight? Let it all melt away this concentrated de-stresser. A full palette of sophisticated touch techniques reduces tension where it lives – your head, neck, shoulders and back. Sleep soundly and say goodbye to nagging headaches so you can fully embrace your vacation.

Canyon Stone Massage6. Canyon Stone Massage - 80 minutes
During this classic massage, your therapist uses smooth, rounded basalt stones that are gently heated to encourage relaxation. The weight and radiant heat of the stones, combined with a calming essential oil, penetrates muscle tissue and induces deep relaxation without overheating, persuading even the tightest muscles and knots to relax and unwind.

One final tip: if you select a Canyon Ranch massage, be sure to enhance it with a Peppermint Scalp Refresher. This awakening aromatherapy scalp treatment is perfect for banishing jet lag. The refreshing blend of essential oils on your scalp stimulates circulation from head to toe, and is both invigorating and relaxing. Finish off your afternoon at the spa by relaxing on the private Canyon Ranch Spa Terrace or stepping into the steam room to ease stiff joints.

For more details on Canyon Ranch SpaClub treatments, visit OceaniaCruises.com/ships/lifestyle and select the ship of your choice to view specific offerings. To make an appointment, simply call Canyon Ranch at 877-329-1924 up to 60 days prior to sailing. We look forward to welcoming you at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub on board your next voyage!


May 16, 2014


Main-loungeOceania Cruises continues a massive $50 million refurbishment of its fleet as Nautica emerges from dry dock today. We shared some of the new enhancements when Insignia rejoined the fleet last week, but to recap, some of the highlights include elegant new decor in suites and staterooms, luxurious new furnishings in lounges, and beautiful new mosaics in the Canyon Ranch SpaClub®. Several popular features from Marina and Riviera are also being added to the other ships in the fleet, such as Baristas coffee bar, putting greens on the upper deck, and the specialty grill in Terrace Café offering cooked-to-order steaks, chops and lobster tails. Regatta will soon undergo a bow-to-stern renovation as well.

As the ships emerge fresh from their massive makeovers, guests will find some luxurious new amenities to go along with their newly appointed accommodations. The onboard selection of exclusive Bulgari amenities is being expanded and will be offered in all suites and staterooms. The expanded Bulgari program will also be featured on Marina and Riviera beginning in August.

BULGARI FINAL IMAGEBest known for its designer watches, jewelry and fragrances, Bulgari partnered with several luxury hotels to create a line of lavish bath products made with essential plant oils and silk proteins. While it has long been an amenity featured in Oceania Cruises suites and Concierge Level staterooms, Bulgari will now be available in all suites and staterooms on board all ships.

Staterooms will feature “The Blanc” amenities with a white tea scent, including shampoo, lotions, hand soaps and more. Guests in Penthouse suites and Concierge Level staterooms will now enjoy eau de cologne and aftershave balm in addition to the other products, all with “The Vert” fragrance of green tea. Guests in Owner’s, Vista and Oceania suites will choose from a new selection of three different scents and will receive a Bulgari gift set as well.

Elegance and comfort have always been hallmarks of the Oceania Cruises experience. With the multimillion-dollar renovations on Insignia, Nautica and Regatta as well as the expanded Bulgari amenities offered fleetwide, guests will feel even more pampered than ever before.

May 8, 2014


Pool Deck(New)
An exciting and emotional day for the entire Oceania Cruises family, today we welcome our beloved Insignia back to the fleet. We are especially excited because her return from a two-year charter marks Oceania Cruises’ first season with a five-ship fleet. But that isn’t the only reason Insignia is generating such excitement. She arrived in Barcelona today with even more style, grace and elegance than ever before, fresh from a multimillion-dollar makeover.

With $50 million in renovations distributed among the three sister ships, Insignia is the first to undergo the most massive refurbishment in Oceania Cruises history. Four weeks from now, Regatta and Nautica will also have completed their bow-to-stern transformation.

Upon Insignia’s arrival in Barcelona this morning, we received a few photos that capture the stunning renovations, and we are thrilled to be sharing them here. You can see Insignia still possesses the same elegance and charm but now glows with a new polish and shine, courtesy of luxurious new fabrics and furnishings, as well as many new amenities.

Penthouse Suite

All of the suites and staterooms have been appointed with stylish new furnishings, and a new color palette in soothing shades of the sea, sun and sky completely transforms the Penthouse Suites. The Owner’s and Vista Suites are outfitted with lavish new oversized showers that are as big as an entire bathroom at home!

Public spaces also embody the new look. The expansive windows of Horizons lounge continue to offer spectacular sunsets, while the interior now features shades of sea blues, cocoa brown and mint, freshly complementing the view. And be sure to check out the new digs of Martinis and enjoy – what else? – a signature Big O Martini. For those who thought the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® on board couldn’t possibly be any more serene, don't miss the beautiful new mosaics that enhance the sense of tranquility even further.


Rich new decor isn’t the only renovation on Insignia. Innovative features unveiled with the launch of our newest ships, Marina and Riviera, generated unprecedented excitement, so Oceania Cruises has taken this opportunity to add several of these features to Insignia, with Nautica and Regatta soon to follow. You can now enjoy an illy® cappuccino in Baristas on any ship in the fleet, and with the new specialty grill in Terrace Café, you can savor succulent surf and turf or grilled-to-order chops any night of the week. You can also take in fantastic views from the upper decks as you play nine holes of miniature golf, a feature found on no other ships in this class.


Perhaps most exciting of all, the return of Insignia means that you can explore more of your world than ever before. Oceania Cruises wholeheartedly embraced this opportunity by debuting two never-before-offered 180-day World Voyages, which Insignia will sail beginning in January 2015 and again in July 2015. These amazing journeys are sure to inspire your inner artist, which is why the Artist Loft, another popular feature on Marina and Riviera, has been added to Insignia exclusively for these special voyages. Express your creativity with the world as your muse and artists-in-residence as your guide.

For those of you who set sail from Barcelona this afternoon on board the newly renovated Insignia, we’d love to hear your impressions in the comments here on the blog. Welcome home, Insignia, and bon voyage!

December 12, 2013


As Blogger-at-Large for Oceania Cruises, I’m always paying close attention to where the fleet is sailing, and I’m constantly amazed at the multitude of worldwide destinations to which these intimate mid-size ships can take you. In fact, sometimes I’m so intrigued by the exotic ports of call that I forget the treasures that are closer to home. Riviera’s arrival in Miami today as she concludes her first cruise of the winter season was a reminder that cosmopolitan Miami is blessed with wonderful diversity in architecture, culture and cuisine, and the city is constantly evolving as well.

IMG_0885 x-2

Few cities on earth are experiencing a renaissance as notable as that which is taking place in Miami. In just under a decade, the city has quickly become one of the world’s fastest growing metropolises, and the skyline now stretches across the horizon. If you haven’t sailed from Miami in the past few years, you might not recognize it at all. New hotels, fine restaurants, Cuban cafés, charming boutiques and stylish shops have opened their doors just steps from Riviera’s renovated Miami pier. And from Riviera’s decks, guests can see the stunning new Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), which just opened last week. The museum was designed by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, winners of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, often referred to as “architecture’s Nobel.”

Art DecoThe beauty of a city like Miami is that it has found a way to celebrate the future while still preserving its past. Even as shining glass towers reach skyward in downtown, the extraordinary Art Deco District on South Beach lures visitors with its sleek architecture, period neon signs and cool preservationist vibe. Nearly 1,000 buildings are protected by law, and the entire district is on the National Register of Historic Places. Many of our guests admit they could spend the day doing nothing but walking along chic Ocean Drive.

Also on the National Register of Historic Places is the Freedom Tower on Biscayne Boulevard. Once the headquarters of The Miami News, the Freedom Tower was used by the US government to provide services for refugees fleeing Castro’s regime in the 1960s. Reminiscent of the Giralda in Seville, Spain, the Mediterranean Revival–style building now stands as a monument to Cuban American heritage. You can get a taste of the Cuban culture that thrives in Miami today with a stroll along Calle Ocho in Little Havana, a landmark street lined with coffee shops, salons, galleries, parks, markets and boutiques. Be sure to stop in to Café Versailles for a cup of Cuban coffee and grab a Cuban sandwich or some roast pork with mojo for lunch. Known as “The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant,” Versailles is the unofficial town square for the Cuban community.

IMG_5948 vistacrop-2It’s becoming obvious that a single day spent exploring Miami is never enough. Fortunately, since several itineraries embark and disembark in Miami, there are many options for extending your visit with a pre- or post-cruise stay. Oceania Cruises offers a variety of one-, two- and three-night hotel packages at two of the city’s most distinguished hotels. After a recent redesign and $31 million in extensive renovations, the Marriott Biscayne Bay boasts gorgeous waterfront views and a location just across from the hip Miami Art and Design Districts. At the JW Marriott Marquis, guests can choose from a number of delightful pursuits, ranging from dining at James Beard award winner Chef Daniel Boulud’s DB Bistro Moderne to attending the world-renowned Jim McLean Golf School with instruction, golf simulators, putting greens and a Pro Shop.

You can rub shoulders with Miami society’s glitterati at the Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa on Miami Beach, a resort with boundless facilities that inspire healthy living and promote wellness. Oceania Cruises offers a two-night package with full access to Canyon Ranch's state-of-the-art, 70,000-square-foot Wellness Spa, the largest in Florida. Lose yourself in the Aquavana® thermal suite, a collection of European-style healing aquatic environments including the Finnish sauna and rooftop HydroSpa. You also receive a $150 spa credit, so indulge in a Thai massage and restorative touch therapy or enjoy a facial enhancement that leaves your skin looking more vibrant and youthful.

Take advantage of the opportunity to explore vibrant Miami when you reserve a voyage with Oceania Cruises in 2014. Our special Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa package is offered as a pre-cruise option on the following sailings:

The package is also offered as a post-cruise option on the following voyages:

March 13, 2012


As Blogger-at-Large, I’ve enjoyed many wonderful travels with Oceania Cruises. Every sailing promises new and exciting experiences, from exploring exotic destinations to tasting delicious wine and cuisine to learning watercolor techniques in the Artist Loft. I embrace every opportunity to see the world and try new things, but I have to admit, I was a bit tentative about the new experience that awaited me in the Canyon Ranch SpaClub yesterday.

For those of you who have tried acupuncture, I’m sure you’re familiar with its benefits. But I had never tried it before, and when the treatment was suggested, I admit I was a little nervous about — well, to call a spade a spade — having needles stuck in my back. This didn’t seem like a service I would request as part of a dream vacation. It seemed more like a procedure I would conjure up in a nightmare after a stressful day at work.

However, part of my role as Blogger-at-Large is to experience everything that Oceania Cruises has to offer and share with you all of the fantastic options available. Neither Oceania Cruises nor the Canyon Ranch SpaClub has ever steered me wrong, so I decided to go for it. The SpaClub offered a treatment that combined acupuncture and massage, and since I had agreed to try the former, I decided I deserved the latter.

I arrived early for my appointment so I could relax on the SpaClub’s Private Spa Terrace and spend some time in the steam room. Once my muscles were warm and loose, I went to the Relaxation Room (pictured below) for some quiet time. Soon Dr. Ashish (pictured above center) arrived to take me to the treatment room.

Relaxation Room

Dr. Ashish hailed from India and studied at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore. He asked if I’d had acupuncture before, and when I replied that I hadn’t, he happily provided me with some history on the practice. Acupuncture originated in China about 5,000 years ago, and it would seem that any health regimen in practice for that long must have significant benefits. While acupuncture is often used to treat chronic pain, I fortunately do not have that problem, but Dr. Ashish informed me that acupuncture has many benefits beyond the treatment of pain. It has also been shown to boost the immune system, relieve tension, reduce anxiety, and promote general well-being.

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture was based around restoring balance to the chi, the life force of energy that flows throughout the body. But as acupuncture evolved and came to be practiced internationally, those who didn’t necessarily subscribe to the concept of chi discovered other physiological explanations for the efficacy of acupuncture. Dr. Ashish explained that the needles stimulate the nerves and send messages to the brain. The needles are interpreted as an attack on the body, so the pituitary gland releases endorphins to combat the threat. Endorphins are secreted in response to stimuli such as exercise, pain and even the consumption of spicy food, and they are responsible for sedation, relaxation, stress and pain management, and an overall sense of well-being.

Dr. Ashish went on to explain how acupuncture can also interrupt pain messages to the brain and with ongoing treatment can help the brain adapt and interpret these messages differently. But by this time I have to admit I was losing focus on the details that Dr. Ashish was sharing. All the signals in the room had indicated to my brain that I was about to receive a relaxing massage – the soft, tranquil music, the low lighting, the warm massage table – and needles or not, my body had decided to relax.

It was about this time that Dr. Ashish touched the top of my head, and a moment later I thought, could that have been a — no, surely not. Dr. Ashish asked, “Did you feel that?” He had already inserted the first needle, and I had barely noticed.

He continued with a few more needles on my back, legs and feet, gently inserting them at the appropriate sensitive points. I felt some more than others, but nothing I felt could be characterized as pain. And when he was finished, I had a very pleasant, warm, fuzzy feeling throughout my body, one I would best describe as a sense of relaxation and overall well-being, just as advertised. I have to admit that having needles stuck in my back (by a well-trained professional) was actually a very pleasant experience and one that I would definitely consider repeating.

Following the acupuncture, Dr. Ashish performed a vigorous full-body massage, and his specialized training was evident as he immediately recognized and addressed all the points where I carry tension. The grand finale was the Revitalizing Foot Treatment. This is one of the enhancements that can be added on to a massage, and I highly recommend it. After a gentle exfoliation, Dr. Ashish administered a focused massage of my feet and toes, followed by an application of peppermint and tea tree foot balm that left my calves and feet pleasantly tingling and highly energized. It was the perfect treatment after a day spent hiking to The Baths and scrambling amongst the boulders on the beautiful beaches of Virgin Gorda.

The only thing I dislike about a great massage is that it must inevitably come to an end. There is always that bittersweet moment as you savor the sense of exquisite relaxation while trying to cope with the fact that the experience is over. I can tell you this is much easier to deal with when you have a fantastic dinner onboard Marina to follow it up. And it wasn’t until I had returned to my stateroom and dressed for dinner that I realized the full benefits of the acupuncture. Unlike other massages that had nearly put me into a coma, this treatment left me feeling revitalized and invigorated. I was relaxed, but also wide awake, refreshed and ready to enjoy a fabulous evening. And best of all, I had another wonderful wellness experience in the Canyon Ranch SpaClub to add to my long list of favorites.

If you have a favorite treatment that you’ve enjoyed in the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, please share your experience with us here on the blog. Feel free to leave a comment below.

January 24, 2012


DSCF0743One of my favorite assignments as Blogger-at-Large for Oceania Cruises is experiencing the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® onboard the ships. As work goes, this is not a bad gig. The SpaClub onboard Marina is a relaxing haven and the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring ashore.

A day pass allows you access to the entire spa, or if you’ve booked a spa treatment, you may enjoy the facilities before and after your treatment. Soak in the open-air whirlpool hot tubs on the private Spa Terrace and then recline on a chaise under the rays of the afternoon sun. Or gaze out of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the Relaxation Room at the beautiful shoreline of your current port of call and muse about the day’s wonderful adventures. There is also a sauna, a steam room and an experiential shower with Tropical, Cold Fog and Waterfall settings. The various temperatures and pressure levels of each setting are perfect for relaxing muscles in preparation for a massage or after a good workout.

The SpaClub offers a multitude of services — from manicures to makeovers to fitness classes to seaweed wraps to facials — you name it. If it restores and rejuvenates, you can find it at Canyon Ranch. I personally am always a sucker for a great massage, so I chose to book this traditional spa treatment. However, I was a bit adventurous in selecting a type of massage I had not experienced before.

The abhyanga massage is part of the ancient ayurveda healing tradition, considered to be one of the treasures of India. The helpful young woman who welcomed me to the spa claimed I would feel more “energetic and active” after this “fairly vigorous” massage treatment. For me, the only challenge during a massage has always been to stay awake until the end. So the concept of an energizing, invigorating massage definitely intrigued me.

I did some research before my treatment, and the more I learned about abhyanga massage, the more seeming contradictions I discovered. It both tones and relaxes the muscles. It boosts mental alertness and calms the nerves. It increases body temperature and improves circulation while also allowing for a deeper, more recuperative sleep. I was very eager to experience this massage that sounded like a cure for anything that might ail me.

DSCF0744My massage therapist, Drainah, hailed from Thailand, a country also practiced in the ayurvedic techniques that originated in India. She showed me to the treatment room and let me get situated on the massage table before returning to begin the treatment. The key to abhyanga massage is the warm oil that is used. Drainah told me she was using Bindi oil, designed in the ayurvedic tradition and infused with herbs to nourish the skin and stimulate circulation. Aromatherapy is an important part of abhyanga massage, as the aromas help to heal and balance the body and mind. In the first illustration of the paradox of abhyanga massage, the pleasant scent of the oil was indeed both stimulating and relaxing.

While “fairly vigorous,” the abhyanga massage is not a deep tissue massage. The pressure is firm but gentle. The invigorating effect actually stems from the rhythmic motion of the massage, repeated circular movements on the back and long, smooth repetitive pressure along the legs. Drainah also utilized certain pressure points on my feet and hands to stimulate a deep sense of calm.

As the massage progressed, I began to realize that its benefits were similar to exercise, without all the annoying huffing and puffing. Like exercise, abhyanga massage relieves stress, cleanses the body of toxins, improves circulation and tones the muscles, all of which ultimately recharges and rejuvenates the body while also creating an overwhelming sense of calm, balance and relaxation.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I’d invented a paradox between two states that were actually quite harmonious — alertness and relaxation. Without launching into a social discourse, I had to acknowledge that I’d bought into the concept that one pounds an energy drink so you can be alert and driven to work hard all day long, in the hopes of crashing into a recliner at the end of the day so you can then “relax.” In actuality, the ideal state of being seems to be something closer to both alert AND relaxed.

At least this was certainly my opinion by the end of the massage. I felt both energized and blissfully tranquil, and at that moment I couldn’t imagine a more pleasant state of being. Nor have I discovered one since.

Practitioners of ayurveda actually recommend a daily abhyanga massage as part of your morning ritual. Don’t I wish! If anyone out there happens to have access to a personal masseuse, I highly recommend following this advice. (You can actually perform the technique yourself, but I somehow doubt my skills would compare to the therapists at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub.) For those who can’t enjoy a daily indulgence, I suggest treating yourselves to an abhyanga massage at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub on your next voyage with Oceania Cruises!

June 6, 2011



There are many reasons I prefer Oceania Cruises to any other cruise line, and one of them is the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® onboard all Oceania Cruises ships. There is pampering — and then there is pampering. The Canyon Ranch SpaClub embraces a philosophy of spiritual awareness and healthful well-being, so that you come away from the experience rejuvenated in mind, body, and soul. And on my last visit, all I had was a pedicure.

With Canyon Ranch, there is no such thing as just a pedicure. Okay, sure, if you're in a rush and need your nails done, I'm sure they can accommodate you. But trust me, you will want to indulge in the entire Canyon Ranch experience. From the moment you enter the spa, there is an aura of tranquility. Since you're onboard an Oceania Cruise, you're already relaxed, enjoying yourself, and in a great frame of mind, but the Canyon Ranch SpaClub takes relaxation to a new level. I always arrive early to a Canyon Ranch appointment so I can sip a glass of cucumber water, lie back on a comfortable chaise and enjoy, as the Italians call it, il dolce far niente - the sweetness of doing nothing.

When it was time for my Canyon Stone Pedicure, Jeannette greeted me and showed me into the salon.

The pedicure area was also immensely comfortable, and the floor-to-ceiling windows provided a lovely view of Corfu, until another ship arrived and completely obstructed the scenery. Nevertheless, I was already imbued with a sense of inner peace and content to enjoy the views of Jake Gyllenhaal in the magazine Jeannette offered me instead.

My pedicure began with the typical cleaning and shaping of the nails that one would expect, but after that it was anything but typical.

Jeannette showed me the sea salt scrub she was preparing for the next phase of my pedicure.

The scrub gently exfoliated my feet and legs.

Jeannette then wrapped my feet in warm, moist towels before removing the scrub.

The next step was the warm paraffin treatment. This nourishing mask is the ultimate treat for feet.

Pedicure10   Pedicure11
Jeannette gently wrapped the warm paraffin around my feet and ankles and then placed them in booties so I could continue to relax while the mask worked its magic. A friend of mine had been raving about this treatment, and I was excited to tell him I had tried it and reaped the benefits. It left my feet and legs feeling unbelievably soft and silky.

Pedicure12Considering this is a Canyon Stone Pedicure, you may have been wondering when the stones would come into play. Jeannette had saved the best part for last. 

The foot and leg massage with the warm basalt stones and aromatic essential oils was definitely my favorite part of the treatment. Have I mentioned how incredibly relaxed I was feeling?

Oops, I almost forgot. There was of course one more step to complete my pedicure - the painting of my toenails! 

The shiny gold sparkles were the perfect finishing touch to an amazing experience at The Canyon Ranch SpaClub.

The best thing about the Canyon Ranch experience is that it extends beyond the spa. You can take the sense of wellness and rejuvenation with you as you continue your adventures onboard your Oceania Cruise. My feet were refreshed and ready to go when I explored the Greek island of Zakynthos the next day!

January 19, 2011

THE PRESIDENT'S COUNTDOWN: 2 Days to Marina's Maiden Voyage!


Damien Hirst Painting in CR Spa
We are now just two days from Marina's Maiden Voyage, and what an amazing journey it has been already. Today has been especially exciting, as we set sail from Genoa on our way to Barcelona! Marina is officially at sea! We will be at sea tomorrow and arrive in Barcelona on Friday. One of the guests who will be joining us commented here on the blog that she was losing sleep due to the mounting excitement, and I can certainly understand why.  I'm having a bit of trouble winding down in the evenings myself.

As the countdown nears its finale, I realized I have not yet shared any photos of the Canyon Ranch SpaClub. I confess I got a bit distracted by all of the fine cuisine featured in the new restaurants. But Canyon Ranch SpaClub is an equally important part of the Oceania Cruises lifestyle, largely because it is so much more than a spa.  You can of course enjoy a wonderfully relaxing massage or a pampering pedicure, but the Canyon Ranch SpaClub enhances the entire Oceania Cruises experience, offering a wide array of services that promote resilience, serenity, and all-around well being. From fitness classes and personal training to the Canyon Ranch cuisine, Canyon Ranch SpaClub allows you to appreciate all the indulgences of an Oceania Cruise while still maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Above you see me hanging a Damien Hirst painting, and below are photos of the ceramic beds and the lovely water wall featured at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub.

Cr spa ceramic beds

Cr spa water feature

Before we sailed, I also caught some shots of the final plants being lifted onboard and the garden on the pool deck being planted. I thought you might find those interesting as well.

Plants being loaded

Planting Garden

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October 12, 2010

Oceania Cruises and Canyon Ranch SpaClub: A Perfect Fit

As Blogger-at-Large for Oceania Cruises, I was recently charged with the enviable task of exploring the Canyon Ranch SpaClub onboard Regatta. After doing extensive research (it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it), I found that the Canyon Ranch SpaClub and the Oceania Cruises lifestyle were a perfect fit. The Canyon Ranch philosophy supports an active lifestyle, healthy living and natural serenity in perfect balance. And an Oceania Cruise is all about exploring exciting destinations, eating well, and relaxing in a casual, comfortable environment.  The two are a match made in heaven!

MarianaSpa Manager Mariana provides a warm welcome.

The Canyon Ranch SpaClub offers a host of fabulous services, from fitness classes and wellness consults, to facials and massages, to delicious spa cuisine. The benefits of the Canyon Ranch SpaClub extend beyond the spa itself and actually complement the Oceania Cruises’ lifestyle and
Changing Room enhance your onboard experience.  Services are designed to rejuvenate, revitalize, restore, and of course, relax.  As “relax” is my favorite “R” of all, I thought I would first try the Canyon Stone Massage.

You’ll want to arrive early to any spa appointment, so as to take full advantage of the spa amenities. Upon arrival you are given a locker in which a fluffy Oceania Cruises robe and spa slippers await you, so wear whatever is comfortable to your appointment and then slip into your robe in the comfort of the single-sex changing rooms. It was recommended that I first spend several minutes in the steam room and then take a warm shower in order to get the most benefit from my massage. I admit I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to steam rooms, but Canyon Ranch is known for their thermal environments, and I wanted to do my due diligence, so I ventured in. Breathing deep and soaking in the penetrating steam, I found myself quite relaxed, and after a warm shower, my muscles were primed and ready for their treatment. Nearby was a quiet room where I sat and sipped cucumber water while awaiting the arrival of my therapist.

IrnesMy therapist introduced himself as Irnes and showed me to the Orchid Room where I was to have my massage.  He excused himself while I got situated under the sheet on the massage table. No matter how modern or hip I may consider myself, I find that traditional modesty always comes into play during a visit to the spa, and I was relieved to find that my privacy was always respected, and I was draped with a sheet for the entire treatment. (Therapists of either gender are also available.)

The treatment room was dimly lit and soothing music was quietly playing in the background. At this point, I was already so relaxed that I could hardly imagine what more the massage could do for me. Little did I know…

Irnes first inquired about any areas of focus or concern I might have and then asked if I preferred aromatic oil or unscented. I have sensitive skin, so I felt obligated to select the unscented, but Irnes quickly inquired, “Are you sure?” He waved the aromatic oil briefly under my nose, and the pleasant, soothing scent of lavendar led me to throw caution to the wind and try the aromatic oil. For others with sensitive skin, you will of course want to address your personal concerns, but you’ll be happy to know that none of the spa services I tried caused the least irritation to my skin. Quite the contrary, I found that every spa treatment left my skin revitalized with a healthy glow.

Stones and ScrubThe source of my comfort and relaxation

It was time to begin. This being my first stone massage, I was a bit leery about the temperature of the stones, and Irnes let me know that the stones would feel very hot at first, but that this would allow for the full benefit of treatment. I trusted his skills and training, so I put myself in his capable hands. At first touch the stones were indeed quite hot, but as they moved across my back, I could feel the heat penetrating my muscles, gently relieving the tension. It seemed almost as if the stones were absorbing the stress from my muscles and leaving behind a deep state of relaxation.

Tools of the TradeOther tools of the trade - aromatic oils and warm towels.

Irnes rested a few of the heated stones on a towel along my lower back – good for the lumbar, he said – and also placed a stone in each of my upturned hands. Later he put very small stones between each of my toes, all of which combined with the full body massage led to a state of blissfully relaxed wooziness. The entire treatment lasted eighty lovely minutes, with gentle attention given to back and neck, arms and legs, hands and feet, scalp and face. It was everything one would expect from a massage PLUS the deeply penetrating warmth from the weight and radiant heat of the stones. Even the tensest of muscles were no match for the curative effects of the Canyon Stone Massage. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

A warning to those with big dinner plans for their evening: You may be tempted to indulge that sense of relaxation back in your stateroom by crawling between the cool, comfortable sheets of your Tranquility Bed.  A little nap after an afternoon spa treatment can be lovely – just be sure you don’t sleep through dinner!