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September 9, 2014


Today Oceania Cruises is thrilled to unveil our new collection of itineraries for the 2015-2016 winter season. Of these 42 destination-rich sailings, 27 are unique new itineraries never before offered, featuring 12 exciting new ports of call:

Reservations open on September 17, at 8:30 am EST, so now is the perfect time to begin planning your dream voyage to whichever corner of the globe intrigues you most. Here are the regions where each ship will sail and highlights of some of the fascinating new itineraries.

Tierra del Fuego, South America

REGATTA: The Americas

In addition to Caribbean sailings and four voyages traversing the Panama Canal, Regatta explores South America at length, including two new Amazon River cruises and the new Alluring Andes & Majestic Fjords itinerary, departing Lima on February 7, 2016, and sailing around the southernmost tip of the continent. Marvel at Machu Picchu perched high in the Andes, cruise the magnificent Chilean Fjords and Tierra del Fuego, and explore vibrant cities from Valparaiso to Buenos Aires.

INSIGNIA: Around the World

For the most adventurous explorers seeking the journey of a lifetime, Around the World in 180 Days sails roundtrip from Miami and circumnavigates the globe. If your time is more limited, shorter segments of this journey also traverse oceans and continents. Departing from Barbados on January 14, 2016, Atlantic Ocean Exploration calls on Caribbean and South American destinations such as Belém, the gateway to the Amazon, before crossing the Atlantic to Africa. Explore the new port of Luderitz, Namibia, the vast sand dunes of Walvis Bay, and the exotic island of São Tomé.

Walvis Bay, Namibia

NAUTICA: Africa & Asia

Nautica calls South Africa and Asia home for a series of eight unique itineraries, six of which are new routes. The new Dynasties & Empires, departing March 4, 2016, sails from Beijing to Hong Kong and features six overnight stays to allow ample time to explore fascinating cities such as Shanghai and Tokyo. Beautiful new ports on this voyage include Shimizu, Japan, nestled in the shadow of Mount Fuji, and Jeju, South Korea, known as the “Island of the Gods” for its beautiful beaches and dramatic landscapes.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia


MARINA: South Pacific

Opening the season with two South American voyages, Marina then sails for the South Pacific to explore lush Polynesian islands and the treasures of Australia and New Zealand. Embark in Tahiti on February 4, 2016, for the new South Pacific Serenity sailing, and you can experience the pristine beaches and sapphire lagoons of Bora Bora, Fiji and Norfolk Island, a new port of call in Australia, as well as the architectural icons of cosmopolitan Sydney.

Sydney, Australia


Castries, St. Lucia

RIVIERA: Caribbean

Riviera explores the sunny Caribbean from the ancient Mayan ruins along the western shores to the idyllic islands of the east. What better way to spend the holiday season than on the new cruise Celebrate the Sunshine, which sails roundtrip from Miami on December 22, 2015, and spends 12 glorious days in gorgeous locales such as St. Barts, Martinique, St. Lucia and Antigua.

March 5, 2014


A recent study suggests that the planning stages can be one of the most pleasurable parts of a vacation. When it comes to a voyage with Oceania Cruises, nothing can possibly beat the vacation itself, but I do love all the steps leading up to the vacation. Perhaps the most exciting is the initial planning as I dream of what part of the world I might explore next. That is why this is one of my favorite times of year, because today Oceania Cruises unveils its new 2015 Summer Collection, a whole new array of itineraries that will inspire all of us to begin planning our next Oceania Cruises adventure.

Summer is always an exciting season for Oceania Cruises as the ships explore all corners of the globe, from Alaska to Scandinavia and from New England to the Mediterranean. And 2015 is no exception with 24 new ports, 40 new itineraries in Europe, five new itineraries in Alaska and autumn cruises up and down the Eastern Seaboard during the height of the beautiful fall foliage. The season’s itineraries sail from April through November, and I was thrilled to discover that a few itineraries for the 2015-2016 winter season are being unveiled early and will also be available for bookings today!

The first thing I like to do when new itineraries are released is research the new ports to find out what fascinating places have been added to an already enormous list of destinations that Oceania Cruises visits. It would be impossible to pick a favorite from the array of new destinations, but I did find myself particularly excited about Liverpool. Here in the hometown of one of history’s greatest rock bands, The Beatles Story exhibition offers a walking tour narrated by John Lennon’s sister. More distant history is revealed at the Liverpool Cathedral, which looks positively stunning in the photos I’ve seen, and I’ve read that the views from the bell tower are unbeatable.

Liverpool Cathedral
Liverpool Cathedral

If you read my recent blog on Barcelona, highlighting several works by Gaudí, you can probably guess that I’m a big fan of art nouveau architecture. So I was also happy to see that Glasgow, birthplace of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, will be a new port of call in the British Isles. His buildings can be found throughout the city, the most famous and perhaps the most beautiful being the Glasgow School of Art.

Another new port that caught my eye was the Solovetsky Islands, located in the White Sea off the coast of Northern Russia. After learning about Russian history on my amazing visit to St. Petersburg, I feel drawn to this isolated archipelago just a hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle, as it is home to one of the most powerful monasteries of the Russian Empire. If the history isn’t enough to intrigue you, the islands’ natural beauty alone will make this an unforgettable call.

Solovetsky Islands Monastery
Solovetsky Monastery

Of course, while I may be Oceania Cruises’ Blogger-at-Large, I have not yet lived enough years to visit all of the marvelous destinations to which the ships sail. So beyond the new ports, there are also several other places the ships visit regularly that remain on my bucket list. I’ve already mentioned my fascination with Russia, and the recent Winter Olympics have showcased the beauty of Sochi, framed dramatically by the Caucasus Mountains. Departing September 7, 2014, Riviera’s Black Sea Sojourn offers the opportunity to explore this picturesque city as well as other enchanting ports along the coasts of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The voyages to Iceland and Greenland have always called to me as well, and I can only hope that 2015 may be the year I make the trip. I like to venture off the beaten path, and the pristine wilderness of these northern treasures is sure to offer an experience like no other on board the luxurious – and newly renovatedNautica. If the raw beauty of nature appeals to you as well, you’ll have a tough time choosing between the icy grandeur of the Arctic and the untamed majesty of Alaska. There is no better way to experience Mother Nature at her best than to explore Alaska on board Regatta, also newly renovated.

Glazier Lake - Fire and Ice - Wrangell
Glacier Lake near Wrangell, Alaska

One of the most exciting things about the new 2015 summer season is that Oceania Cruises will be offering Grand Voyages in Europe. These extended voyages have been very popular in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific during recent winter seasons, and now guests will have the opportunity to linger in Europe and beyond on voyages of up to 39 days. One of the most irresistible aspects of these longer voyages is that they offer additional savings and Exclusive Prestige Package amenities, such as a one-night pre-cruise hotel stay, free laundry service and other great offers.

On the heels of the overwhelmingly positive response to Oceania Cruises’ first-ever world expedition unveiled last summer, Insignia’s 180-Day World Odyssey was announced in November, and individual cruises within the 180-Day World Odyssey are now open for bookings with the launch of the 2015 summer season. Also available are another series of Grand Voyages featuring combinations of these itineraries ranging from 35 to 70 days.

With all of these extraordinary voyages being released, your biggest challenge (and greatest pleasure!) will be choosing which one you wish to sail on. You may find your choice influenced by the Culinary Discovery ToursTM offered on select sailings on board Marina and Riviera. These unique excursions offer an in-depth look at the culinary culture of destinations worldwide, with the opportunity to dine in local restaurants, take cooking classes with renowned chefs, and visit local markets, farms and wineries. We’re thrilled to be offering several new Culinary Discovery Tours in the 2015 summer season, so be sure to check out which ones are available.

Reservations are now open, so you can begin the ever so pleasant process of selecting your cruise right away. I’ve found it’s always a good idea to book early for the best fares and availability. Following are links to some cruises that include the ports I mentioned here, and you can view the entire 2015 Summer Collection by clicking the Promotions link at the very top of this page.


November 29, 2013


SELECT_Kunal1 tan copyOn behalf of everyone at Oceania Cruises, we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving yesterday and continue to enjoy spending time with friends and family. 

In this season of giving thanks, I reflect on many things for which I am grateful and one of them is being a member of the Oceania Cruises family.  I not only get to work with the most talented and professional individuals both on land and at sea, but I also exchange ideas on a daily basis with guests and travel partners, many of whom have become close friends. The 180-Day World Odyssey cruise is a classic example of an idea that comes to life when guests and travel agents keep pushing us to create something new. We check the world map all the time and we haven’t found a new city or island. But, trust me, this wasn’t going to stop us. 

As Destination Specialists, if anyone was going to find out if there was a group of people who truly wanted to explore the world without constraints, it was going to be us. We began by sitting around a table with the objective of creating a fantasy voyage that will excite and inspire. We ignored all the conventional wisdom that typically constrains itinerary development; in particular we ignored the element of time.  The final product was a collection of destinations that encourage exploration and discovery – Around the World in 180 Days.  Even with the ultimate itinerary in hand, we were nervous. In our 10-year history, Oceania Cruises had never offered a world cruise and did not know what to expect. But within the first hour of opening the sailing for reservations, it became apparent that our passion for travel had come through loud and clear in the itinerary. And eight hours later, we sold out the entire sailing.

As you can imagine, this unprecedented response gave us a great deal to be excited about. But at the same time it left many guests and travel partners asking for another epic journey.

A few weeks later, we found ourselves sitting around the conference room table once again. This time, with a different task: Create another unique journey that will break the mold we just set.

During the brainstorming for the Around the World in 180 Days cruise, we focused on sailing to the most exciting ports while circumnavigating the globe. Now that we had accomplished this feat, we focused on just the destinations without requiring the “around the world” component. To further break from industry tradition as it relates to world cruises, we considered the possibility of scheduling our new fantasy voyage in the summer season, and suddenly we realized that we had found the formula to create another truly differentiated itinerary. Immediately, we focused on how the warmer weather opened the door to new destinations – most notably two of them in Greenland, Nuuk and Paamiut. Then, we shifted our attention to the number of iconic places that we collectively had traveled to or remain on our bucket lists. As our itinerary came together, we noticed that made it possible for our guests to visit more than 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

With all of the logistics in place, the only thing left was to give it a proper name - a name fitting of a new grand adventure.

And that’s how the 180-Day World Odyssey cruise was born.

180 World odyssey_COVER HR copy
This extraordinary voyage aboard Insignia will visit five continents, 52 countries and 100 ports of call and will feature 14 overnight stays plus 2 two-night calls in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and Mahé, Seychelles. I hope you take a moment to visit OceaniaCruises.com/180day for the complete itinerary and details. We are very proud of this voyage and hope that we have piqued your interest in exploring the world.

Although the 180-Day World Odyssey cruise will be difficult to outdo, we never stop dreaming of exciting new voyages because your desire to experience the world’s wonders never wanes.

And for that we are grateful.

September 18, 2013


Today, Oceania Cruises announced its 2014-2015 Winter Collection, the largest winter launch in the company’s history. As Blogger-at-Large for Oceania Cruises, this is one of my favorite times of year as the future becomes full of new opportunities to see the world! And on Insignia’s Around the World in 180 Days voyage, you can, quite literally, sail around the entire world.

With new ports in Asia, Africa and the Americas, Oceania Cruises’ five ships—Riviera, Marina, Nautica, Insignia and Regatta—will visit five continents. The launch features a record-breaking 86 voyages, 44 of which are new itineraries, plus 19 all-new Grand Voyages ranging from 24 to 71 days and 15 Around the World itinerary combinations as part of Insignia’s epic Around the World in 180 Days cruise.

As always, luxury meets value with Oceania Cruises, and all 2014-2015 Winter Collection voyages feature two-for-one cruise fares and free airfare. Guests who book a veranda or higher category by December 31, 2013, will enjoy the added value of free pre-paid gratuities, free unlimited Internet and early booking savings of up to $5,000.

Riviera in the Caribbean 

Riviera offers 12 itineraries exploring the lovely islands of the Caribbean. Relax on one of my favorite beaches, Cane Garden Bay on Tortola, or take a shore excursion from Tortola to Virgin Gorda and the famous Baths during the new 10-day cruise, Heart of the Caribbean.

Cane Garden Bay Tortola The Baths Virgina Gorda

Marina in Paradise

Marina begins the season in Rio de Janeiro with two South American voyages before heading to the South Pacific and Australia. Quickly making it onto my wish list for 2015 is the new 10-day cruise Picturesque Polynesia, which leisurely explores the Polynesian islands, including an overnight in Papeete, two overnights in Bora Bora and calls on other idyllic isles such as Moorea and Huahine.


Nautica from Africa to Asia

Nautica returns to Africa and Asia with eight itineraries ranging from 15 to 35 days, stopping in ports from Cape Town to Beijing and Dubai to Tokyo and featuring two new ports in South Africa: Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth. One of the best things about visiting Africa and Asia onboard Nautica is the abundance of overnight stays. You’ll especially appreciate the extra time when exploring the grand metropolises of Asia and savoring spectacular views like the Hong Kong skyline at night.

Hong Kong-2

The Panama Canal & South America on Regatta

Regatta spends the season exploring the Caribbean and South America with several cruises through the Panama Canal. If you have never sailed across the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal, this is the perfect opportunity to check this astounding experience off your bucket list.

Around the World with Insignia

INSIGNIA_008After a Caribbean and an Amazon cruise, Insignia departs on Oceania Cruises’ first-ever Around the World in 180 Days cruise. This extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime voyage sails round-trip from Miami and circumnavigates the globe, visiting five continents, 44 countries and 89 ports of call.

Around the World itinerary combinations, ranging from 34 to 128 days, will open for bookings with the 2014-2015 Winter Collection launch, offering a unique array of exotic ports in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific.

Guests booking these combinations will receive complimentary amenities from the Exclusive Prestige Package. Depending on the length of the voyage reserved, amenities include a one-night pre-cruise luxury hotel stay, access to exclusive shoreside events, a comprehensive visa package, laundry service, luggage delivery, round-trip transfers, Internet service and pre-paid gratuities.

All New Grand Voyages

Included in the unveiling of the 2014-2015 Winter Collection are 19 new Grand Voyages that blend multiple itineraries for in-depth exploration. These voyages feature two-for-one cruise fares and free airfare as well as Exclusive Prestige Package amenities, depending on the length of the voyage reserved. For bookings made by December 31, 2013, these voyages also offer free pre-paid gratuities and free unlimited Internet for all suite and stateroom categories.

For more information on the 2014-2015 Winter Collection, visit OceaniaCruises.com or call 800-531-5658. We look forward to welcoming you onboard one of these fantastic sailings!

July 17, 2013


The year 2013 marks Oceania Cruises’ 10th anniversary, and we have been celebrating with a number of signature sailings and special events. Today we look forward to our next decade at sea with a new milestone: Around the World in 180 Days. The first-ever around the world cruise in Oceania Cruises history, this unprecedented, port-intensive voyage onboard the elegant Insignia sets sail from Miami on January 10, 2015, and circumnavigates the globe.

Insignia’s 180-day journey begins by visiting boutique ports in the Caribbean and then steers south to South America and east to Africa before heading to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Hawaii. Via the Panama Canal, Insignia returns to Miami on July 8, 2015. This extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime voyage will visit five continents, 44 countries and 89 ports of call and will feature 11 overnight stays plus 4 two-night calls in Cape Town, South Africa; Yangon, Myanmar (Burma); Singapore, Singapore; and Shanghai, China.


“As the leading specialist in destination cruising, we wanted to create a unique port-intensive voyage that reflects the dreams of the true explorer, rather than speed across the seas racing to the next convenient port as is the norm in a typical 100- to 110-day world cruise,” says Oceania Cruises President Kunal S. Kamlani. “By eliminating the 100-day time constraint, we freed ourselves to conceive a remarkable dream voyage designed to visit the world’s most fascinating destinations.” 

In addition to crossing the equator four times and sailing through all 24 time zones, the Around the World in 180 Days cruise will traverse three oceans and 10 seas, call on 45 islands and offer the chance to visit 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Of the 89 ports visited on this extraordinary cruise, 13 are new to Oceania Cruises, including Corinto, Nicaragua; El Guamache (Isla Margarita), Venezuela; Langkawi, Malaysia; Santa Marta, Colombia; and Xiamen, China.

Bookings for the Around the World in 180 Days cruise open today and feature two-for-one cruise fares, free FIRST CLASS round-trip airfare and free pre-paid gratuities. Additionally, guests will receive free visa packages including visas for 16 countries, unlimited Internet and laundry service, luggage delivery, round-trip transfers and free onboard medical service, a first for the industry. Guests will also enjoy a one-night pre-cruise luxury hotel stay in Miami and free exclusive shoreside events in Walvis Bay, Namibia; Myanmar; Bangkok; Beijing and Honolulu. 

Early Booking Savings of up to 70 percent will be available through September 17, 2013. We hope you will join us on this journey of a lifetime!

February 13, 2013


Insignia Copenhagen-96It is one of the most exciting days of the year in the offices of Oceania Cruises, as today we unveiled our 2014 Summer Collection, featuring 90 voyages, 10 new ports of call and an almost entirely new line-up of European itineraries. Perhaps most exciting, Insignia will return to the fleet in the summer of 2014 after a two-year charter. All five ships in the fleet – Riviera, Marina, Regatta, Insignia and Nautica – will sail to more than 180 destinations throughout the world. The 2014 cruise collection features 70 European cruises, 93 percent of which are new itineraries, plus 10 Alaska voyages, seven all-new Canada/New England cruises and three Panama Canal voyages. 

Oceania Cruises President Kunal S. Kamlani said he is thrilled about the new line-up of itineraries. “Our newest cruise collection is the largest in the company’s history with five ships visiting Europe, Alaska and Canada/New England,” he said. “Our guests will love the new and exciting options for exploring the world with a wide range of seven- to 24-day cruises, a mix of overnight and extended stays, and new ports of call in Albania, France and Greece, to name a few. 

“Bookings open today, and we are encouraging travelers to act quickly to secure the suite or stateroom of their choice. In addition to our two-for-one cruise fares, free airfare and bonus savings, guests who book by May 31, 2013, receive the added value of complimentary pre-paid gratuities on every sailing,” Kamlani added.

We hope to welcome you onboard for a wonderful voyage with Oceania Cruises in the summer of 2014!

March 7, 2012



One of the most exciting days of the year for Oceania Cruises is the day we release our new itineraries. And I’m happy to announce that day has arrived, as our fabulous new 2013 itineraries are now open for bookings. We have spent months designing the sailings for the summer and fall of 2013 to showcase the very best of Europe. Our ships will sail throughout the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and the Baltic, calling on historic cities such as Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul, Stockholm and St. Petersburg.

Those of us who love cruising know that, while the destinations are fascinating and often determine which sailing we select, life onboard is one of the things that makes cruising the best way to travel. That is why we work so hard to create an Oceania Cruises experience that exceeds your expectations in every way. But with so many exotic destinations to explore, our guests tell us they often wish they had more time to enjoy all the amenities and activities onboard. So in our new European itineraries, we’ve incorporated more days at sea and ensured there is at least one sea day on almost every sailing to allow plenty of time to appreciate the pure joys of cruising.

Alaska - DenaliBut Europe isn’t the only continent we will visit. You may have already seen on Facebook or in the USA Today article that after a one-year hiatus, Regatta will return to Alaska in the summer of 2013. Regatta’s size makes her perfect for exploring the Inside Passage, so we just had to give her another opportunity. There is simply no better way to experience the magnificent landscapes of Alaska. Several of these Alaskan voyages embark in Seattle, a new port of call for us. I love Seattle, and I’m thrilled that guests will have the chance to experience it as part of a journey with Oceania Cruises. When summer comes to an end, Regatta will sail for eastern shores, as I can’t think of a better place to be in the fall than Canada and New England. If you haven’t been there in autumn, you can’t imagine the brilliant display of color from the fall foliage. Daniela (my wife) and I have spent at least one week a year over the past ten years taking a fall foliage trip. It’s simply not one to miss.

While my wife and I have had the privilege of enjoying several cruises to regions all over the world, I can tell you we never tire of planning our next cruise. I hope you’ll visit the Oceania Cruises website and look over the new itineraries and take a moment to envision your next dream vacation. And then of course, I hope you’ll let us make that dream a reality!

August 3, 2011

Video Postcards From Alaska

One of our most avid fans sent us these videos from his family cruise to Alaska aboard Regatta. Suffice it to say, the scenery and wildlife is beyond breathtaking.

We hope you enjoy these "postcard moments" as much as the Prietos enjoyed their Alaskan adventure.  




June 27, 2011

Of Alaska and Alanya


Alanya, Turkey with its fortifications (1)There's nothing better than receiving emails from the ships on a Monday, especially ones containing stunning photos. The intrepid explorers onboard Regatta and Nautica did a wonderful job of showcasing exactly how diverse the destinations we sail to are. Nautica sojourned in Alanya, Turkey.

Alanya, Turkey with its fortifications (2)

Alanya, Turkey with its fortifications
The fortifications surrounding Alanya are astounding and date back to the Middle Ages.  If you are not familiar with this spectacular city, it is on the "Turkish Riviera," about 50 miles east of Antalya. Beautiful beches rim the gulf, and it's where ancient history meets today's "jet set."

Boarding (Small)

Helicopter (Small)

A wonderful juxtaposition to the hot and sunny clime of Alanya, these photos come to us fresh from Regatta in Alaska. Everyone knows that one of the highlights of this great land is the wildlife, but we can't forget the memorable experiences our domesticated friends can provide!

Running (Small)
Dogs 1 (Small)
Dogs (Small)
Resting (Small)

Guest (Small)
These snapshots are from a recent Glacier and Dog-Sledding excursion. I'm not sure who has more fun, the guests or the dogs!

June 20, 2011



Regatta has been exploring the amazing natural wonders of the great state of Alaska this summer, and guests have enjoyed numerous adventures in the Alaskan wilderness.


In Sitka guests took an ocean raft through narrow inland passages and open bays to observe the magnificent array of wildlife native to the area.

Most travelers who come to Alaska hope to spot a humpback whale, and guests on this excursion from Sitka were not disappointed.



Alaska06Guests also spotted this majestic bald eagle during their adventure.

Alaska07In Icy Strait Point, one excursion offered the opportunity to kayak the pristine waters and observe whales, sea lions and porpoises up close and personal.

Alaska08Thrill-seeking guests chose to go for an exhilarating ride on the world's longest zipline.

Alaska09Guests sped along just 300 feet above the dense green forest at speeds approaching 60 miles per hour.

Alaska10 From their vantage point on the zipline, guests could enjoy sweeping views of Port Frederick, Icy Strait Point and Regatta at anchor in the bay.

Regatta also sails the seas along magnificent Hubbard Glacier during her voyages in Alaska.

  Alaska13The charming town of Ketchikan is known as "The Salmon Capital of the World." Guests joined an excursion with a group of seasoned Bering Sea fishermen to explore the incredible scenery along the coastal waters of Ketchikan.

But these fishermen weren't hunting salmon. As guests observed, the skilled fishing crew hauled in crab pots filled with king crab. Guest could even "interact" with the catch of the day if they so desired!

Alaska15Next on the itinerary was Juneau. Many flightseeing tours are offered from Alaska's capital city, and guests onboard Regatta joined an excursion to see the snow-capped mountains, lush forests and cascading waterfalls en route to Taku Glacier Lodge.

The scope of the glaciers was nearly inconceivable.


After a day of viewing the majestic glaciers, guests were treated to a delicious lunch of freshly caught salmon.

Alaska19This black bear couldn't resist the aroma of salmon on the grill!

Alaska20Guests certainly had many wondrous tales to tell of their day's adventures when returning to Regatta after each day exploring Alaska's shores.

Alaska21Even after the sun dips below the horizon, there is no end to the spectacular views to be witnessed along the Alaskan skyline.  

March 18, 2011



MarinaWelcome web
It's been an exciting week here at Oceania Cruises. On Wednesday, reservations opened for the collection of European cruises we'll be offering in 2012, including the Maiden Voyage of our newest ship, Riviera. By mid-afternoon we had already broken Oceania Cruises' record for the most reservations in one day. People are extremely excited about Riviera's debut and also about all of the fantastic special offers we will feature next year.

As part of our continual commitment to exceeding guests' expectations, we are constantly looking for ways to take the Oceania Cruises' experience to an even higher level of excellence. We realized that, especially when guests are traveling overseas to board our ships, the journey prior to embarkation can be a source of anxiety. Flight delays or lost luggage can make for a rocky start to an otherwise perfect vacation. We at Oceania Cruises decided to help alleviate this challenge for our guests by offering a FREE one-night pre-cruise hotel stay in the port of embarkation for all of our Europe 2012 itineraries. Now guests can fly in a day ahead, relaxed in the knowledge that they have plenty of time to meet the ship, even if unforeseen circumstances delay their travels.

Of course, once onboard the ship, the ability to relax and savor each moment is equally important, especially with so many alluring ports of call to explore. As specialists in destination-rich cruising, we have ensured that each of our 2012 European itineraries has at least one overnight stay in port, and many itineraries feature several overnight visits. We also offer numerous departures late in the evening, allowing guests time to fully experience every fascinating destination.

For those guests with more limited time available for travel, we are offering in this collection our first 7-day voyages in Europe. Each still features the overnight stays and late evening departures that will allow guests to explore in depth at every port of call.

We are thrilled to see that these offers have been so well received by our guests and that bookings are filling at an unprecedented pace. If you would like more information on these fabulous cruises and Riviera's Inaugural Season, click the Promotions link above. Our 2012 European Collection brochure will go out soon, and I've shared a sneak peek of the cover below.  

Europe 2012 Mini Cover
Thank you again to all of our loyal guests, and we look forward to seeing you onboard in 2012!